How it all began

Our founder and CEO, Gail Levy, first started researching hydrogen water when her friend and co-founder Barry Orms, a former NBA player, raved about how it helped with his aches and pains. Gail had just lost her best friend to cancer, and discovered that the side effects she’d suffered in treatment might have been eased with a hydrogen boost.

Gail felt she could honor her friend by making it immaculate, effective and accessible to everyone. Enlivened by this mission, she collected a team of experts to help her engineer the most natural process possible to combine hydrogen and American water with zero impurities and optimal impact.


Proprietary Process

HFactor exists because decades of research have evidenced the ability of hydrogen infused water to enhance how our bodies feel, function and renew. And while other hydrogen infused waters use techniques that leave behind impurities or other additives such as Magnesium, our Reverse Osmosis filtering system ensures the purity and taste of our water, allowing us to deliver pure hydrogen and pure water, and NOTHING ELSE - so you won’t have to sacrifice clean taste for the benefits of hydrogen.



Why is the Pouch so special?

About HFactor


The multiple layers of the package keep the optimal level of H2 inside.

Shape & Flex

The curvature and overall shape make the pouch easy to hold and carry.

Screw Cap

Helps preserve the hydrogen in the water after opening.


Has a low carbon footprint through source reduction.


You can fit 50 pouches into the average disposable plastic water bottle.


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